• Feliz Chumbo Trainers
  • Feliz Chumbo Trainers
  • Feliz Chumbo Trainers

Feliz Chumbo Trainers

149.95 USD
  • Fit Medium fit
  • Colour Full-Grain Chumbo
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  • Editor's Notes

    Perfect to wear with a pair of chino shorts this summer, these smart-casual lightweight leather trainers combine a soft natural grained leather upper with a contrasting rubber gel sole (check out those high grip treads). Our signature Anatomic Gel Technology® absorbs shock and adds comfort which is ideal for those long summer days.

  • Details

    Natural grained leather upper
    Genuine sheepskin lining
    Natural rubber gel sole
    Removable PU insoles
    Lightweight & flexible
    Anatomic Gel Technology®

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Staff Comment
This shoe is a medium fit. I would normally order wider fit shoes. In my particular case they fit like a glove. They are light, very comfortable and very good value for money.
Staff comment
The Cut / Design of the mould is too shallow and the shoe tends to squeak. The inner cushioning on the heel sinks, this my first poor experience Anatomics shoes .
Staff comment
Hello there,Thank you for your feedback, we are so sorry to hear that the shoes were not as expected, its extremely rare that something like this would ever happen and we'd love to try and get everything sorted for you right away.We've sent you and email in regards to this, we...
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