Layered comfortA global leader in comfortable footwear, Anatomic shoes ensure unrivalled comfort through professional craftsmanship, the highest grade materials, and the many years’ of shoemaking experience which goes into every design.

The importance of comfortable shoes

While shoes are a good indicator of your sense of style and deliver an important fashion statement, shoes can also bring you discomfort and pain. A part of wearing fashionable shoes shouldn’t result in experiencing sore feet.


Anatomic Gel Technology®

Our shoes are so incredibly comfortable to wear because of our Anatomic Gel Technology® (A secret formula), developed through 25 years of research.
It's inventor told us, You need two very comfortable things in your life, because you’re either in one or in the other - your bed and your shoes. - We felt exactly the same way too.

Fisioflex Technology

The 1st Physiological footwear

In order to create the perfect footwear for children our Bibi range of kids shoes carried out scientific studies along with doctors and experts. The outcome is the Fisioflex technology, Bibi’s exclusive and unique concept, which offers the sensation of walking barefoot.

100% Rubber Gel Sole

Our Anatomic mens range of shoes include a sole that is 100% rubber and recyclable. Only the finest leathers are used in the shoe, making them very, very soft and highly breathable. Unlike many other shoe manufacturers, we don’t process or chemically treat the footwear.

Innovative Technology in every Shoe

At Anatomic we constantly push the boundaries of modern shoemaking to provide you with unbeatable comfort.

Comfort Awaits

Comfort has and always will be at the heart of Anatomic Shoes. All our shoes are meticulously handcrafted by professionals who have a passion for the art of shoemaking.